November 2018

English Parent Reading Guide

RR JR November 2018Dear Parents and Guardians:

Learning the alphabet helps prepare children for reading. You can use Ranger Rick Jr.  magazine to give your child practice identifying letters.

Turn to page 12. Ask your child to circle the first letter of the five animal names in the Word Search game. Say the letter as your child circles it. Then encourage your child to find the letter “E” in the rows of letters. Ask if there is an “L” next to that “E”? Be sure to have him look in all directions.

When your child finds all the letters in ELEPHANT have him circle the word. Working in this manner, continue search for the other animal names: COYOTE, GIRAFFE, KANGAROO and PARAKEET.

Tracing letters is another fun way to learn the alphabet. Turn to page 16 and ask your child to use a pencil to trace over the letters in the title.

The words “We live in the” are all sight words that most children can read at this age. The word “DESERT” may not be familiar to your child. Have her name the six letters as she writes over them.

Finally, read “Mitzi’s Surprise” on page 26. Then encourage your child to find the letters in his or her name within the words in the story.

Enjoy November,

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
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