November 2020

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents:

We know you use Ranger Rick Jr. to help your child learn new things and improve his or her reading skills. You can do those things with this month’s issue as well. But we suggest you and your child focus on having some Thanksgiving fun with the games and crafts found in the magazine.

On pages 24–25 you’ll find two games that celebrate Thanksgiving.

  • Show your child how to find the word TURKEY in the Turkey Talk activity. Then encourage your child to find the other words. You may want to take turns finding the words in the list.
  • Before moving onto the Connect the Dots activity, tell your child the jokes about the turkeys on page 24.
  • Try doing the Connect the Dots activity together with your child. Start by using a pencil to connect dots 1 to 5. Then have your child connect dots 6 to 10. Complete the drawing by alternating every five dots. When you are done, ask your child what the drawing shows.

Involve your child with Thanksgiving by doing a craft project.

  • On page 2, you’ll find a turkey made out of a pine cone. You and your child can work together to make these for your table. Get the instructions here.
  • Encourage your child to make handprint turkeys for each member of your family. All he or she needs to do is to draw an outline of each person’s hand and then color it in to make a turkey.


¡Hola! Read in Spanish about wolves on pages 6-11.



We hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.