November 2022

English Parent Reading Guide

Ranger Rick Jr. Cover November 2022Dear Parents and Guardians:

I hope you and your child enjoy reading about cats in this month’s issue of Ranger Rick Jr. When you are done with the magazine, please look at the website

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As you read about cats on pages 6–11, share this additional information with your child:

  1. A cat’s body is built for stealth. So even though well-fed domestic cats don’t need to hunt, they still quietly creep up on things.
  2. All cats love to nap, and most sleep between 12 to 16 hours per day.
  3. Even though cats can have a powerful bite, a mother cat can gently carry her young by the scruff of their neck.
  4. Cats scratch often because it keeps their claws in tip-top condition.
  5. Backwards-facing barbs on a cat’s tongue make it feel rough. These barbs work like a comb when a cat licks itself.
  6. Cats have flexible backbones that enable them to walk easily on a very narrow surface.
  7. Cats stretch after resting to get their blood flowing and activate their muscles.
Little Cats, Big Cats Spanish TranslationQR code Cats Spanish Nov 2022 Read about cats from pages 6-11 in Spanish at


Ranger Rick website banner is a safe Internet site where you and your child can find games, videos, activities, and jokes about the animals they love. Explore the site with your child by clicking on the blue “jelly-bean” buttons across the top of the page.

  • Games: Test your knowledge about different animals by taking interactives quizzes. You can also build a simple, online jigsaw puzzle called “Scranimals.”
  • Jokes: Have fun sharing silly jokes with your child. For example, “What bear likes to go out in the rain?” Answer: A drizzly bear.
  • Videos: Watch dozens of short videos that show animals in action.
  • Crafts & Activities: Pick out an animal-themed craft or recipe to make with your child. You’ll also find games and coloring pages to print out.
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