October 2013

English Parent Reading Guide

RRJr Oct 2013In order to add to your child’s subscription to Ranger Rick Jr. magazine, we will be posting a monthly reading guide for each issue. In it, you will find recommendations of things you can be doing at home to help encourage a strong foundation for your child’s literacy development.

The Ricky and Pals story, “A Spooky Feeling,” will be our focus from the October issue. Take the time to read this story with your child. Be sure to put emotion into your voice as you read and use different voices for different animals; this will help keep your child engaged in the story. Story time with family should be cherished and valued, not rushed. Take this time to cuddle up with your child and really enjoy this time together. Connecting reading with a strong relationship will help your child appreciate these experiences even more!

While reading the story:

Ask your child to make predictions about what will happen next. For example, ask them if they really think there is a ghost in Ricky Raccoon’s home.

Encourage your child to talk about his/her answer by asking what makes him or her think that way about what will happen.

While reading this story, have your child help by turning the pages or describing what they see in the pictures.

Once you have finished the story, ask your child to summarize or retell the story in his/her own words to make sure that he or she has truly understood the material. Be sure to take the time to sit and talk with your child to really strengthen this positive experience.

Remember that literacy activities at home are not limited to the magazine! This month, make it a goal to take your child to your local library to sign up for a library card and even check out a book. Two great examples of books based on forest animals are: Way Up High in a Tall Green Tree by Jan Peck and The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward.

We can see that this month’s issue of Ranger Rick Jr. was based on a Halloween and fall season theme. What do you and your child think next month’s theme will be?

We truly hope you and your family appreciate reading Ranger Rick Jr. this month!

Prepared by Ellie Tunison

Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project (PREP) Intern

Early Childhood Education Major, University of Delaware

PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.