October 2021

English Parent Reading Guide

October 2021 Cover of Ranger Rick Jr.Dear Parents and Guardians:

As you read this month’s issue of Ranger Rick Jr. with your child, talk about colors, rhymes, and Halloween.

Many people think of spiders as being black. But the spiders on the cover and pages 16–21 are very colorful. Show your child the cover and ask her to name the colors she sees on the peacock spider. Would your child like to have clothes with those bright colors?

Spiny-Backed SpiderWhile reading the poem about the spiny-backed spider (page 17), have your child count the number of pointy red spines on the spider’s back. Explain that the spider has bright red spines as part of its defense so other animals won’t eat it. Rhyming Words LIst

As you read each spider poem, ask your child which words rhyme. Rhyming words help to hold a child’s attention and makes it easier for a child to remember. Your child may giggle at the rhyming words in the poem about the Bird-Dropping Spider (page 21), but it’s likely he won’t forget what he’s learned.

owl illustrationHave some Halloween fun when you turn to pages 24–25. Ask your child to find five owls in the illustration. Then you find six pumpkins. It is fun for children when you play the game with them and take turns finding things. After you’ve found all the things they ask for in the magazine, take turns finding other things, such as two ghosts, six headstones, or the boy in a frog costume. After you’ve had fun finding things, ask your child what would be the best costume for Halloween.

Use your imagination to make the pages of Ranger Rick Jr. enjoyable for both of you.

¡Hola! Read about flying foxes from pages 6-11 in Spanish at RangerRick.org/FlyingFoxesSP



Mike Wilson, Founder
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