October 2022

English Parent Reading Guide

Ranger Rick Jr October 2022Dear Parents and Guardians:

This month in Ranger Rick Jr. Ricky and his pals, along with Bonnie and Chester, are having Halloween adventures.

While you read Ricky and Pals on pages 12–15, ask your child to show you things in the pictures. Here are a few suggestions:

  • On page 12, have your child show you Bizzie shouting “Boo!”
  • Look at all the pumpkins on page 13. Which pumpkin does your child think Ricky will choose? What about Flora, Mitzi, and Bizzie?
  • On pages 14–15, the friends describe how they will carve their pumpkins. Can your child find each of the friends’ pumpkins on page 15: Ricky’s scary pumpkin, Flora’s happy face, Mitzi’s cat with whiskers, and Bizzie’s owl?

Now have your own pumpkin fun. Draw pumpkin shapes on blank paper and have your child add different faces. Then both of you can color the drawings with orange, black, and other crayons.

Bonnie and Chester

Ask your child what Halloween costumes Bonnie and Chester are wearing on page 23. (Chester is a pirate and Bonnie is an owl.) As you read the comic, bring the story to life by doing the following:

  • Use scary sounds when you read Whoo! Whoo!, Crunch!, and Chirp!
  • Look around and wave your hand when loudly reading Whoosh!
  • Duck down and act frightened when Chester says, “What was that?
  • Then smile and laugh as Bonnie tells him, “Relax, Chester. It’s just a harmless bat.

Point to the bat hanging on the tree branch. Then read about bats on page 22.

burrowing owlsQR code¡Hola! Read about the owls from pages 6-11 in Spanish at  RangerRick.org/BurrowingOwlsSP



Mike Wilson, Founder
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