September 2020

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents:

Ranger Rick Jr. provides many ways for you to help your child develop various reading skills. Here are two ideas to use with this month’s magazine.

Turn to page 7 and ask your child to name the animal. Point at the word DUCK in the title. Show him that the title combines the word DUCK with letters from the word dictionary. (You may need to tell your child that dictionary is a book of word definitions.) Show your child how to use the pronunciation guides to sound out the words: bill, diver, quack, dabbler, web-footed, preen and duckling. Then read the definitions for each of the words.

Next ask your child to name other things in these duck pictures. You can help by pointing to the water as the duck on page 7 starts to fly, different colors of feathers on pages 8 and 9, or the number of baby ducks on pages 10 and 11.

As you start to read the fictional story on page 12, ask your child if it is OK to read half the story now and the other half at a later time. When you come back to the story, ask your child to find page 13. Ask her to recount what happened in the first part of the story. After reading the rest of the story, ask your child if she thought it was one great big rabbit, or did she realize it could have been many smaller rabbits.

Have fun and enjoy reading Ranger Rick Jr. together.           

¡Hola! Read in Spanish about animal buddy systems on pages 16-21.


Mike Wilson, Founder
Prekindergarten Reading Encouragement Project
PREP – Helping childhood literacy one family at a time.