September 2022

English Parent Reading Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians:

While looking at the cover of this month’s Ranger Rick Jr., tell your child we will learn about vertebrates—animals with backbones. Go to page 3, the Table of Contents and show your child that the article called “Meet the Vertebrates” starts on page 6.

Backbones Word

Ask your child to find page 6. Point to the five categories of vertebrates: AMPHIBIANS, BIRDS, FISH, MAMMALS, and REPTILES.

Then read the poem showing him that words ‘skin’ and ‘swim’ sound similar. Reading poems with rhyming words help us remember. After reading the second verse with ‘too’ and ‘you’ rhyming words, ask your child to show you where your backbone is located.

The game on page 24 can help solidify your child’s understanding of vertebrates. Each row and column have two animals with backbones and one without an internal skeleton. Ask your child to name the animals and to tell you which one is not a vertebrate.

Can you and your child name other vertebrates and invertebrates? Here are a few examples:

  • Vertebrates: dogs, cats, monkeys, sheep, chickens, panda bears
  • Invertebrates: worms, bees, starfish, grasshoppers, crabs, spiders

Enjoy the all of September’s Ranger Rick Jr. magazine.

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Mike Wilson, Founder
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