Doggie Day Camp

By Gerry Bishop

Ready to go? Then climb aboard the day camp bus for a short trip to puppy paradise!

doggie day 1

No kidding—there really are day camps just for dogs. And one of the most famous is in Miami, Florida. It’s called “Totally Dog!” Come along and check it out!

When the bus door pops open at the day camp, doggies dash for the pool. Ahhh! That cool water feels SO good in the hot Florida sun. And by the way, this is not your ordinary pool. It’s built in the shape of a humongous dog bone!

doggie day 2

After a good, long swim, some of the dogs start a game of tag. Dogs of all sizes can take part in the fun because bullies aren’t allowed in THIS camp. Before coming here, each dog has to show it can get along well with others. And if someone breaks the rules? The misbehaver has to take a “time out”!

There’s always a full water bowl available for thirsty dogs. But when one of the Totally Dog workers turns on a hose, it’s fun time! Day camp doggies come from everywhere for a “paws” that refreshes—in more ways than one. The fun can’t go on forever, of course, so after a “ruff” day of play, it’s time to hop back on the bus and head for home. It’s been a good day for all—and not everyone is happy to see it end!

Back at home, pooped pups all across town lie down for a much-needed nap. They’re dog-tired but clearly satisfied with the day’s events.

And so are their owners. Thanks to doggie day camp, pet owners are able to go to work, run errands, or do whatever—knowing their pets are having a great time while getting the very best care.

doggie day 3

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