Scarlett’s Superstars: Rylee Brooke Kamahele

By Anne Cissel

Kids like you can make a difference for wildlife and the environment. Meet some inspiring young heroes who have turned their love of animals into action! 



Rylee Brooke Kamahele, The Catalyst Club

Rylee Brooke Kamahele knew about the problem of plastic trash in our oceans. One day in 2016, she saw it up close in Hawaii, where she lives. While snorkeling with a friend, she helped a sea turtle with fishing line wrapped around its fin. She knew she wanted to do more, so she started brainstorming.

Since then, Rylee, now 13, has been busy cleaning up beaches, rescuing animals, and fighting for new laws, such as a state ban on single-use plastic straws. She’s even created her own organization, The Catalyst Club, to get more kids to fight for change.

“I wanted to give kids the chance to get involved. I wanted to support their voices because I had to fight so hard to use mine,” Rylee says.

Well, it’s a good thing she did. In 2020, Rylee won the International Young Eco-Hero Award. Her advice to other kids: “Even the smallest gestures are so important. If you can’t find something to get involved in that you’re passionate about, create something. I believe in you!”

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