Ranger Rick Ocean IQ May 2013

What’s Your Ocean IQ?

By Kathy Kranking

Everyone knows about whales, sharks, and sea turtles. But there are plenty of not-so-famous creatures that are just as cool! Swim along with us and take this ocean quiz. Then rate yourself on your ocean animal smarts.

Ranger Rick Ocean IQ May 2013 1

1. The stargazer buries itself in the sand to

a. fool prey into coming close to its wiggling tongue.

b. sleep, keeping its mouth open and tongue out so it can breathe.

c. hibernate.

2. Giant tube worms live

a. in burrows on coral reefs.

b. on the seafloor, a mile deep.

c. on the “leaves” of kelp in kelp forests.

3. This sea angel uses its “wings” to

a. swim.

b. breathe.

c. fly around doing good deeds.

4. A mudskipper is a 

a. lizard that lives in the water.

b. fish that can breathe air.

c. type of tadpole.

5. The red-lipped batfish

a. wears lipstick.

b. has feet.

c. can walk on its feet-like fins.

6. These beautiful sea squirts

a. squirt water from their bodies when they’re disturbed.

b. feed on small creatures that they filter from the water.

c. both a and b.

7. The predatory tunicate

a. is a plant that looks like an animal.

b. catches small prey in its large mouth.

c. is an ocean relative of a jellyfish.

Ranger Rick Ocean IQ May 2013 3

8. This pink cloud is a huge group of animals called krill, a favorite food of whales and other creatures. Each single krill is about

a. the size of a large paper clip.

b. the size of a lobster.

c. as long as your arm.

9. The yeti crab has unusual eating  habits. It eats

a. its young.

b. the hairs on its arms.

c. bacteria that grow on the hairs on its arms.

10. The dumbo octopus

a. has big ears that give it excellent hearing.

b. has fins that look like ears.

c. is the star of a movie.


8-10 correct: You have a DEEP knowledge of ocean animals.

5-7: You did swimmingly.

2-4: You’re still afloat.

0-1: You’re in way over your head. But don’t worry—now that you’ve checked the answers, you’re an ocean know-it-all!

ANSWERS: 1-a; 2-b; 3-a; 4-b; 5-c; 6-c; 7-b; 8-a; 9-c; 10-b


“What’s Your Ocean IQ?” originally appeared in the May 2013 issue of Ranger Rick magazine.
(Click on each image above for a closer view of the story.)

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