What does a hyena sound like?


Hyenas are famous for their laughter!


They aren’t really laughing, but their calls sure sound like it.


Play the video to listen… Do you think it sounds like laughing, too?


But wait! If they aren’t really laughing, what does that noise mean?


Curious to learn more? Let’s dive deeper!


Why do hyenas make a laughing sound?


There are four species of hyena:


🐾 Spotted hyena

🐾 Striped hyena

🐾 Brown hyena

🐾 Aardwolf


It’s only the spotted hyena that makes this funny sound.


You might think that, like us, they laugh because they’re happy.


Actually, they make this giggling sound when they’re feeling threatened, upset, or frustrated.


Does a hyena bark?


Yes! Even though we say hyenas “laugh”, that sound is really a type of bark.


Each of the hyena species make different sounds, including barks, roars, clucks, yells, groans, grunts, and growls.


Hyenas will use noises to express feelings like excitement or nervousness, or to talk to family members.


Hyenas even have a “whoop” sound that is unique to each individual. It’s like they’re yelling their own name, so others know they’re there.


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