Giant Pandas Look Like Fun


Giant pandas look like fun. Their beautiful black-and-white fur looks almost like a costume for a party. Their round ears and the black patches around their eyes make them look like delightful circus clowns.
Giant pandas have very flexible bodies. They can twist and turn in many directions. They love to do somersaults—over and over and over again. They usually move very slowly. And sometimes they will stop in the middle of a roll and hold a pose for a long time. In zoos, they often play for hours with big rubber balls, plastic hoops, metal barrels, and other toys.

Pandas have skin of two different colors. The skin under the dark fur is dark. And the skin under the white fur is pink.

There are five fingers on a panda’s hand, and five toes on its feet. The claws are long and sharp.

The bones of pandas are very large and thick. They seem to be about twice as heavy as they ought to be for an animal of this size. Nobody really knows why pandas have such heavy bones.

Panda fur looks soft, but it is actually very stiff and coarse. The fur on an adult is very thick and may be two inches long. Wild pandas clean their fur by rolling in dry dirt. In zoos, some pandas like to take baths.

Stuffed panda toys and Teddy bears are probably among the most popular toys of all time. Millions of children have owned them and loved them. This may be one reason why so many people love real pandas and bears.

People are attracted to round and cuddly images with big eyes. Like puppies, kittens, and human babies, giant pandas are appealing to most people—large or small. Pandas look friendly and helpless. They look round and cuddly. They are also very playful and often do things that are just plain cute. Who can resist a panda?

The rear legs of pandas are not as strong as the front legs. This may be one reason why pandas don’t seem able to run very fast. Even when they are being chased, pandas never move faster than a slow trot.

The front part of a panda’s body is very strong. Pandas in zoos usually destroy their toys very quickly. Even the strongest toys are no match for a panda’s strong hands and jaws.