How Did T. rex Behave?



Dinosaurs’ lives are a mystery. Their remains, called fossils, can’t tell us exactly how they acted or what their families were like. However, looking at T. rex’s fossils and comparing them with animals that are alive today can help scientists guess what T. rex’s life might have been like.

Ostriches make nests with a mound of eggs. While no T. rex eggs have been discovered yet, other theropod egg discoveries show similar kinds of behavior.

The bearded vulture eats meat and bones, leaving nothing to waste. Bone shards found in T. rex droppings suggest these dinosaurs would also feast on a femur.

Saying “hello”
Lions use their noses to track prey and to scavenge. T. rex likely did the same, even though its sense of smell was not as good as a lion’s.

In the movies, the roar of T. rex sends everything else running. But T. rex likely didn’t roar like a lion. Instead, it probably hissed like a crocodile.

Crocodilians use their strong jaws and strong necks to rip away chunks of meat. T. rex probably did this, too.