A Butterfly’s Body


Four wings allow the butterfly to flutter and fly.

Thousands of tiny scales make up the spectacular colors on a butterfly’s wings.

Butterflies have special sense organs called antennae, which they use to touch and smell.

Butterflies have big bulgy eyes. They can see colors and recognize flowers and even other butterflies.

A butterfly’s proboscis looks like a nose, but it’s really part of its mouth. It works like a straw to sip water and suck sugary nectar from flowers.

A butterfly has six legs.

Hey, what about moths?

Moths and butterflies belong to the same family, but they’re a bit different. Here are some ways to tell them apart.

Butterflies                                         Moths

Busy during the day.                       Most are active at night.

Usually more colorful.                    Usually less colorful.

Small, round clubs on                     Feathery or thin antennae.

tips of antennae.

Smooth bodies.                                Plump, fuzzy bodies.