Giraffes…in General


A giraffe’s long neck helps it reach leaves at the tops of trees. Believe it or not, a giraffe has only seven bones in its neck—the same number you have! Their neck bones are just much bigger than yours.

A giraffe’s long legs are fast and strong. Giraffes can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour and kill a lion with one kick!

Tough lips and a flexible tongue help the giraffe eat leaves from thorny trees without getting hurt. In fact, a giraffe is so good at using its long tongue that it can clean its own nose with it!

Giraffes have big eyes and excellent vision. Because they’re so tall, they can easily spot danger from far away.

A giraffe’s “horns” are not real horns. They’re called ossicones, and they are bumps made of bone that are covered with skin and hair. Some male giraffes have up to five ossicones on their heads!

Giraffes who live in different parts of Africa have different coat patterns. Each giraffe’s coat pattern is unique—no two are exactly alike.