Includes several photos of specialized tiger body parts.

On the Prowl


On the Prowl

Tigers are meat eaters. That means they have to hunt to survive.


Can you remember these 6 things that help make tigers such good hunters?

1  Tigers’ big, strong bodies are built for hunting.

2  Big eyes and good eyesight help tigers hunt at night, when most of their “food” is awake!

3  Long tails help tigers “steer” when they are in mid-leap!

4  Tigers’ large, pointed canines grab and hold meat, while their sharp rear teeth cut it into

A close up photo of a tiger eye.

 bite-sized pieces.

5  Stripes allow tigers to stay hidden in leaves and branches . . .until they are ready to pounce!

6  Tigers’ paws are padded so they can hunt quietly—and big so they can grab onto prey.