A green parrot surrounded by inset pics of parrot parts

Parrot Parts


How can you tell if a bird is a parrot?

Many parrots have small, brightly-colored rings around their eyes.

All parrots have hooked beaks. A parrot uses its strong beak to crack hard nuts and seeds, and uses the sharp hook at the tip to pull out the soft parts of fruit!


Parrot and parts both start with the letter “p.” How many times can you find the word “parrot” on this page? How many other “p words” can you find?

A blue and yellow macaw holding its foot upParrots have four toes. Two point forward and two point backward. This gives them a very strong grip—so strong they can even hang upside-down!

Lots of parrots are brightly colored, but many have at least some green feathers, which help them stay hidden in the leaves of trees.