To Sing With Whales, You Have to Listen First!


How to Sing with Whales

by John Bowen

It isn’t hard to sing with whales
But many people fail
Because they try to sing along
Without first speaking “Whale.”

Instead, they wail their screechy songs
While standing by the sea.
They warble at the wind and waves,
“Wah-ricki, wicki, weeeeeee!”

When whales hear this, they swim away
And laugh, “Why, that’s the worst!”
Because to sing with whales, you see,
You have to listen first.

This poem has lots of “w’s” in it, though you might not see them all at first. Take a closer look. Can you find the word whales 4 times? Can you find the word with 3 times?

Now can you find these “w” words, too?
Without, when, why, worst, whale, wail, while, warble, wind, waves, wah-ricki, wicki weee

Here are some tricky ones, with the “w’s” in the middle! Can you find them?