A turtle is mostly hauled out of water onto a log. There are also 3 different types of turtle shells shown emphasizing colors, patterns, and features.

Totally Turtles


Turtles have lungs, just like you do. They breathe air through their nostrils. Underwater, some turtles can go a long time without breathing.

Turtles have rough scales to protect their skin.

Some turtles live on land, but others spend most of their time in water. Turtles that live in ponds and rivers have webbed toes, and sea turtles have flippers for swimming.

Some turtles can pull their necks completely inside their shells; others can’t.

A turtle doesn’t have teeth. Its mouth has a sharp edge, a little like a bird’s beak. Some turtles eat only plants, but most also eat small animals like fish, snails, and insects.

Super Shells

All turtles have shells. Shells protect turtles from bumps and knocks, bad weather, and enemies who’d like to eat them.

Box turtle

Some turtles have shells with “hinges” that allow the turtles to pull their heads, tails, and legs inside and then “close” their shells up!

Green sea turtle

Some shells are very colorful.

Some shells have colors or patterns that help turtles blend into their environment. This helps them hide from predators…or sneak up on prey!

Alabama map turtle