Where’d Everybody Go?


Where’d Everybody Go?

Even if you’re birdwatching, you might not see birds right away. Remember: be patient (birds are busy, and might be off doing something else), and be quiet (some birds blend in with their surroundings, so you might hear them before you see them).

While you’re waiting, keep your eyes open for other signs that birds are nearby.

Look for feathers. You can tell what kind of bird has been around.

Some birds might even leave cracked seeds and other leftovers behind.

Different kinds of birds build different kinds of nests. What can you tell about these birds?

Backyard birds lay all kinds of eggs. Their size, color, and number vary depending on what kind of baby birds are inside!

Sometimes, birds leave footprints. You can see where they went!

Some bird evidence can be found up high, in trees. Some bird evidence can be found down low, on the ground. Where might you find the things shown on these pages?