Zebra in profile to demonstrate its attributes.

Zooming in on Zebras


Zooming in on Zebras

The mane is short and stands straight up like a brush. Its black and white markings follow those on the zebra’s coat.

A zebra has a black and white striped coat. No two zebras have the same design. Family members recognize each other by their markings.

Zebras have powerful legs with strong hooves that help them run away quickly—or kick hard—when they’re in trouble.

Zebras can move their large ears in almost any direction to catch the slightest sound.

A zebra’s big eyes are set high on the sides of its head so the zebra can look out for danger, even when bending down to eat.

Zebras eat only plants. They snip grass with their sharp front teeth, and their strong back teeth help grind up the food.

Did you know?

There are three kinds of zebras. Plains zebras live in big herds and are the most common, but there also mountain zebras and Grevy’s zebras. They all live in Africa!

Now that’s a horse of a different color!


A zebra has a black and white coat. What other animals can you name that are black and white?