Make a Frog Mask

Pretend to be a frog and catch tasty bugs with this frog mask.

What You Need

  • sheet of card stock (optional)
  • craft stick
  • crayons or markers
  • craft glue

What You Do

  • STEP 1: Download the Pattern

    Download and print the frog mask pattern.frog mask 2


  • STEP 2: Cut Out Paper Plate

    Cut out the center of a paper plate, leaving a two-inch wide by one-inch tall tab at the base. (See pattern for detail.)

  • STEP 3: Color Frog Face

    Color the frog face. (To make the mask more durable, glue the pattern to card stock before cutting.)

  • STEP 4: Fold and Cut Out Face

    Fold the frog face in half and cut out the face and inside of the mouth.

  • STEP 5: Assemble Mask

    Glue the face onto the tab on the paper plate. Glue the craft stick to the back of the paper plate. Insert the party blower into the frog’s mouth.frog mask