Make a Manatee Tub-Toy

Swim with a manatee at bath time!

What You Need

  • 2 black buttons
  • needle
  • 2 round natural color sponges
  • 2 plastic mesh bath sponges (“squishies”)
  • reinforced toe, knee-high stocking
  • thread

What You Do

  • STEP 1:

    Cut two pieces off of one of the sponges to make flippers.

  • STEP 2:

    Push the cut sponge into the stocking. Then push a squishy into the stocking, followed by the other sponge and the last squishy.

  • STEP 3:

    Tie a knot in the stocking to make the manatee’s tail.

  • STEP 4:

    Sew the remaining sponge pieces on either side of the manatee for flippers. Then sew the buttons on for eyes.

Slow down and meet some manatees!