Beaver Toothbrush Holder

Make a friendly beaver to hold your toothbrush using craft foam and a paper drinking cup.

What You Need

  • scraps of black craft foam
  • sheet of brown craft foam
  • paper or plastic foam drinking cup
  • craft glue
  • brown, black, and yellow poster paint (or markers)
  • paper plate
  • brown pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • transparent tape

What You Do

  1. Draw the Beaver’s Mouth
    Inside the paper plate is a circular bottom. This is the beaver’s mouth. Draw two top teeth and two bottom teeth in the mouth as shown. Paint the teeth yellow. Paint the rest of the mouth black.
  2. Paint the Plate’s Rim
    Paint the plate rim brown.
  3. Make the Beaver’s Nose
    Cut out six small dots and a nose shape from scraps of black craft foam. Glue the shapes onto the brown rim.
  4. Make the Beaver’s Ears
    Cut out two ear shapes from brown craft foam. Tape them in place as shown.
  5. Make the Hanger
    Use a pair of scissors to punch a small hole in the plate rim just under the beaver’s nose. Push the brown pipe cleaner through the hole and twist the ends together to make a hanging loop.
  6. Add the Beaver’s Paws
    Cut out two paw shapes from brown craft foam. Glue one paw on each side of the cup as shown.
  7. Glue on the Cup
    • Glue the cup to the bottom of the beaver’s mouth as shown.
    • Hang your tooth caddy near a bathroom sink. Store your child’s toothbrush and paste in the cup. Your caddy can also hold a stack of cups instead if you wish.

    beaver toothbrush