Bookmark Buddies

Bookmark Buddies

You’ll never lose your place when you slide one of these wild bookmarks over the corner of your page!

By Donna Miller; photos by Mark Godfrey

What You Need

  • envelopes (any size from junk mail, old greeting cards, or office supply stores)
  • construction or other colored paper
  • craft glue
  • markers or crayons

What You Do (for one bookmark)

  1. Glue down all loose flaps on the envelope.
  2. Draw a 3-inch square on the bottom right corner of the envelope, then cut it out. (See diagram below.)

    Bookmark Buddies Diagram
    Click image for a larger view.
  3. Fold point A of the top sheet down to point B (the corner of the envelope). Cut ONLY the top layer along the dotted line. This will create a corner pocket.
  4. Create an animal face by cutting out features (such as eyes, ears, bill, nose, or tongue) from colored paper. Arrange them on the bookmark and glue in place. You can also draw features on the bookmark with crayons or markers.

TIP: If you don’t have the envelope color you need, cut a triangle from construction paper to fit on top of the bookmark, then glue it down.

Bookmark Buddies Sept 2018
Click image for a larger view.