Bouncing Kangaroo Puppet

bouncing kangaroo

Create a kangaroo puppet and make it bounce!

What You Need

  • Piece of brown construction paper
  • 3 craft sticks
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tape

What You do

  1. Make a Paper Cone
    Roll the construction paper into a cone shape. Tape to hold. Trim the cone so that it is about 6″ tall, with the opening at bottom about 1″ in diameter.
  2. Cut Out Kangaroo
    Download and print the kangaroo pattern. Color and cut out kangaroo drawing.bouncing kangaroo pattern
  3. Make the Puppet Stick
    Tape 3 craft sticks together to make a stick that is about 12″ long. Tape the kangaroo to the top of the stick.
  4. Make Your Kangaroo Bounce
    Put the stick inside the cone. Move the stick up and down to make the kangaroo bounce.bouncing kangaroo