Hungry Chipmunk Carnival Toss Game

chipmunk craft

This chipmunk will gobble up anything you can throw in its mouth!

What You Need

  • Cereal
  • Regular sized white, pink and green construction paper
  • Large sheet of brown construction paper
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape

What You Do

  1. Roll Brown Paper Into Cone
    Roll the brown paper into a conical shape to get an idea of where to cut the mouth. It should start about 3 inches down from the top. Cut a mouth for the chipmunk.
  2. Cut Out Belly and Eyes
    Cut out a white rainbow shape for the belly and two white egg shapes for the eyes. Color in the eyes with the black marker. Glue on the eyes and belly.
  3. Add Ears
    Cut out two brown ears and two smaller pink pieces to fit inside the ears. Glue these on.
  4. Add Nose and Whiskers
    Cut out a small pink triangular nose and two strips of white paper for the whiskers. Glue these on and then glue or tape the chipmunk together in a cone shape. (Or you can glue the cone together before adding the body parts.)
  5. Add a Base to Your Chipmunk
    Cut little tabs (about ½ inch) on the bottom of the chipmunk. Fold these over and tape down onto the green construction paper.
  6. Play the Game
    Now it’s time to play. Have your child sit in front of the chipmunk and try to throw cereal into his mouth like a carnival game.

    • Note: If the cereal is too small for your child, try using ping-pong balls. Put a few pairs of socks into the chipmunk first so the balls don’t bounce too much.


hungry chipmunk