Bubble Fun

Blowing bubbles is fun. Making giant bubbles is AWESOME!



• 3 cups water
• 1 cup liquid dish soap (We used Dawn.)
• ½ cup light corn syrup

1. Put the water and corn syrup in a bowl. Microwave for three minutes.
2. Stir and then mix in the dishwashing liquid.



• 2 wooden dowels (24″ long, 3/8″ wide)
• 2 screw eyes
• 1 washer (about the size of a quarter)
• 2 pieces of string (one 40″ and one 80″)

1. Insert a screw eye in the end of each dowel.
2. Tie the washer to the middle of the long piece of string.
3. Tie the ends of both strings to the two screw eyes.
4. Dip the wand into the bubble mix, completely submerging the string. Lift the wand out of the solution and slowly pull the dowels apart.