Build Animals Out of Snow

Snow bunnies

Bundle up and have some animal fun in the snow.

What You Need

  • Snow

What You Do

  1. Make Lots of Snowballs

  2. Make a Caterpillar
    Line up several snowballs in a row to make a caterpillar shape. Add dark stones for eyes and sticks for antennae.
  3. Make a Turtle
    Pile snow into a round mound that will be the turtle’s shell. Place four snowballs around the base of the mound. Shape the snowballs into the turtle’s feet. Add two snowballs to make the turtle’s neck and head. Add dark stones for eyes. (If your turtle is shy, there’s no need to add a head.)
  4. Make a Cat
    Make an egg-shaped pile of snow. Pile two columns of snowballs in front of the egg shape. Smooth out the snowballs to make the cat’s front legs and paws. Keep rolling one snowball to make a big snow boulder. Sit it on top of the egg shape for the cat’s head. Shape two more snowballs into the cat’s ears. Add dark stones for eyes and twigs for whiskers.
  5. Visit Real Animals
    When you are done making animals of snow, take a walk and see how real animals are dealing with the snow and cold.

    • Down Jackets: Look for birds that appear more puffed up than usual. Birds fluff up their feathers to create air pockets that help keep them warm. It’s the original down jacket!
    • Warm Scarves: Look for a squirrel curled up with its tail wrapped around its body. The squirrel uses its tail like a scarf to stay warm.
    • Heavy Blankets: Peek under rocks or logs to see if you can any hibernating insects. The rock or log is like a heavy blanket that keeps the animals warm until spring. Be sure to cover any insects you find back up so they stay that way.

    Snow bunnies