Build Snow Sculptures

Snow Sculptures

In this activity, you’ll learn how build a snowy owl and a snowshoe hare snow sculpture.

by Michele Reyzer; art by Danielle Jones

What You Need

  • natural objects for decoration such as twigs, pine cones, pebbles, seedpods, pine needles, and icicles
  • snow (Slightly wet snow is the easiest to work with.)
  • spray bottle filled with water (optional)
  • sculpting tools such as shovels, ice scrapers, and spoons
  • yellow food coloring for the owl’s eyes

What You Do

For the owl’s body, pack some snow into a tall oval shape. Arrange a snowball on top to form the head, then carefully press it in place.

Carve a groove on each side of the owl’s body to create wings. Break some twigs into tiny pieces and press them onto the owls’ body to make a feather pattern.

For the owl’s eyes, fill a small bowl with snow and stir in a few drops of yellow food coloring. Form two flat circles with your hands, then press them onto the owl’s face.

Add natural decorations such as a small pine-cone beak, twig talons, and pebble pupils.Snowy owl


Mound a pile of snow into a large football shape for the hare’s body. Add a snowball head on top and a small snowball tail.

Shape long snow ears with your hands, and then set them on the hare’s head. Add a bit more snow around the base of the ears and pat down to “glue” them in place. (Or use large icicles instead of snow, if you have them.)

Add natural objects for decorations such as a pebble nose, seedpods or pebbles for eyes, and pine-needle whiskers.

Carve lines on the hare’s body to create a furry texture.


  • If the snow is too dry or powdery to work with, don’t have a meltdown! Just spray it with some water as you work. This should make the snow easier to handle.
  • Once you’ve finished building your sculpture, mist it lightly with water so it will freeze and last longer.


Click here to download a pdf of the instructions.

Snow Sculptures