Play the Animal Imitation Game

In this game, you act like an animal, and people guess what you are. It’s great for a break during your hikes, campfire skits or on long car rides.

What You Do

  1. One person thinks of an animal that they want to imitate
    People should imitate the animals without making any sound.
    Here are some ideas for animals that you could imitate. You could bring a list in case someone is stumped.


    • alligator
    • bird
    • cat
    • chimpanzee
    • dog
    • duck
    • elephant
    • fish
    • frog
    • grizzly bear
    • kangaroo
    • rabbit

    More Challenging

    • butterfly
    • giraffe
    • hedgehog
    • lion
    • monkey
    • owl
    • penguin
    • seagull
    • seal
    • shark
    • snake
    • wolf

  2. For added complexity, play this game in the car with your seat belts on!
  3. Here’s one person’s giraffe move.
  4. Here’s her owl imitation.
  5. Here’s one boy’s butterfly imitation