Call a Bird Closer

blue jay

Spring is full of flitting birds and their trilling songs. Here’s how to get a closer look at some feathered friends.

What You Do

  1. Head Outside
    Go to a place where you see or hear birds nearby, such as a row of shrubs, a big tree, or a patch of woods.
  2. Make Some Noise
    Make this sound: PSSSH, PSSSH, PSSSH. This is called “pishing.” To birds, it sounds like an alarm call, so they get curious about what is going on. Some birds may swoop down to investigate.
  3. Identify the Bird
    If you call a bird close to you, congratulations! Can you identify it? (Check a field guide for help.) And, for extra credit, can you match the bird with a song you’ve been hearing?eastern bluebird