Make a Watermelon Frog Prince

Recipe by Donna Miller; photo by Paul Hartmann

Chill on a hot summer’s day with a watermelon frog!

What You Need

  • a small, round watermelon
  • a mixture of fresh, washed, cut-up fruit
  • two limes
  • green, white, black, and yellow construction paper and scissors
  • pink plastic wrap
  • paper
  • white glue
  • toothpicks
  • big spoon and a long, sharp knife

What You Do

  1.  For the mouth, ask an adult to cut a large slice out of the watermelon, as shown. With the big spoon, scoop out the rest of the melon and save it in a separate dish.
  2. Poke a toothpick halfway into each lime. Then stick the other end of each toothpick into the top of the melon for the frog’s eyes. Cut out white and black paper circles for the eyeballs and glue them on.
  3. Make green legs from construction paper and a floppy tongue, as shown, from a strip of folded pink plastic wrap. Use toothpicks to hold the legs and tongue in place.
  4. Make a crown, as shown, from yellow paper.
  5. Fill the frog’s mouth with the cut-up fresh fruit, including the watermelon you scooped out.

Now invite friends and family to enjoy a cool helping of froggy fruit. Ribbit, ribbit!


Click image for a closer view.