Cool Down with Water and Ice Games

boy jumping in water

Water and ice are the best toys to have in the summertime! Here are four games to play on a hot day.

What You Need

  • Balloons
  • Plastic bucket
  • Ice cubes
  • Spray bottle

What You Do

  1. Play Games with Ice Cubes
      • Fill a bucket with some water and lots of ice cubes. Take turns removing cubes from the bucket using only your feet.
      • Have a contest to see who can melt an ice cube between his or her hands first.

    ice cubes

  2. Play “Hide-and-Go-Squirt”
    Play “Hide-and-Go-Squirt.” The person who is “It” gives the others a count of 30 to hide. Then “It” grabs the spray bottle and starts hunting. Anyone who gets found gets squired!spray bottle
  3. Play with a Water Balloon
    Make a water balloon and then prick it with a pin. Play catch with your balloon, getting soaked as it slowly loses water. (Note: Make sure you pick up the used balloons after playing. They can be dangerous to young children and wildlife.)water balloon