Create Seedpod Critters

Here are some seedy creatures you can make to liven up your harvest table.

What You Need

  • treasures from nature—such as pine cones, seeds, seedpods, and pine needles
  • tacky glue

What You Do

  1. Gather seeds.
    Head outside and gather up some pine cones, seeds, seedpods, pine needles, or other fall treasures you find on the ground.
  2. Arrange the items.
    Now see what animals you can make out of these treasures. Or copy some of the designs you see here.
  3. Glue together.
    Using a tacky glue, glue all the parts of each animal together and let them dry.Have fun arranging your creatures around your holiday feast—or put one by each person’s place at the table. 

    Craft by Robin Walker; photos by Mark Godfrey

    Click image for a closer view.