Feathered Mask

feather mask 1156x650

You’ll be a beautiful bird when you make this feathered face mask!

What You Need

  • piece of cardboard, about 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches (Can cut from a used cereal box.)
  • piece of construction paper, any color
  • 1 package of fake feathers (sold in craft stores; can substitute feathers cut from colored paper)
  • craft glue
  • hole punch
  • feathered mask pattern
  • scissors
  • 8-inch piece of elastic string

What You Do


  1. Download the Pattern.
    Download and print the feathered mask pattern.  feathered_mask
  2. Cut Out Mask and Eyes.
    On cardboard, draw the mask shape using the pattern and then cut it out. Cut out two holes for the eyes.
  3. Make the Bill.
    On construction paper, draw the bill shape using the pattern and then cut it out. Fold the bill along the dotted lines. Attach the bill to the eye mask by gluing or taping the two flaps to the mask.
  4. Attach String.
    On each side of the mask, just above your child’s ear, punch a small hole. String the elastic through the small holes. Pull the string so that it holds the mask against your child’s face. Tie off both ends.
  5. Glue on Feathers.
    Glue on feathers to cover the mask.feathered mask 2