Flower Mother’s Day Card

Melt Mom’s heart on her special day with this hand-made card.

What You Need

  • piece of construction paper (different color)
  • one 5″ x 15″ piece of construction paper
  • glue
  • markers
  • flower pattern
  • 3 mini pom-poms
  • scissors

What You Do

  1. Download and Print the Pattern
    Download and print the flower pattern.Mothers day card pattern
  2. Fold Construction Paper
    Make three accordion folds in the 5″ x 15″ piece of paper so you have four panels.
  3. Cut Out Flowers
    Use the pattern to cut two flowers out of the other piece of construction paper.
  4. Write and Draw on Card
    Write message on card, as shown. (We suggest you write the message in pencil and ask your child to trace over it with a marker.) Draw stem with marker, as shown.
  5. Glue on Flowers and Pom-Poms
    Glue on flowers. Use pom-poms and markers to make the center of the flowers.