Fluffy Footprint Ducklings

Use your handprints and footprints to make some new feathered friends!

What You Need

  • yellow, orange and black construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • yellow tissue paper, napkin, tissue or feathers

What You Do

  1. Trace Hands and a Foot
    On the yellow construction paper, trace each of your child’s hands and one foot. Cut these out.
  2. Glue Handprints to Footprint
    The heel of the footprint will become the head. Glue each of the handprints to the side of the body making sure that the fingers point outwards.
  3. Add Tissue Paper or Feathers
    Tear your paper into small pieces and then glue onto the body. If using feathers, make sure that they are cut to fit onto the duckling.
  4. Add Beak
    Fold a small piece of orange construction paper in half. Draw a beak shape starting at the fold. Cut out the beak so that there are two symmetrical pieces attached to each other. Glue one side of the beak onto the duckling.
  5. Add Eyes
    Cut out eyes from black construction paper and feet from orange paper. Glue these on.

    • Note: While your child is making his/her duckling, you can make a Mama or Papa duck following the same directions but substituting yellow construction and tissue paper with white or brown.

fluffy footprint