Froggy Hopscotch

Here’s a game of Froggy Hopscotch you can adjust for different levels of play.

What You Need

  • blue felt
  • green felt
  • white felt
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • old socks
  • uncooked rice

What You Do

  1. Cut Lilypad Shapes
    Cut lilypad shapes from the green felt. The shapes should be roughly dinner-plate size or larger. (You may find it helpful to draw the shapes using chalk before cutting.)
  2. Play the Beginner Game
    Invite your toddler to jump from lilypad to lilypad. Arrange the lilypads in different formations. For example, try jumping in a circle or a zigzag line.
  3. Play the Intermediate Game
    Cut large numbers out of white felt and arrange on the lilypads. Challenge your child to jump to the numbers in order, or to jump on certain ones, such as all even numbers.
  4. Play the Advanced Game
    Arrange lilypads with numbers in a more traditional hopscotch grid. Use a small stuffed animal as a marker, or make your own. (To make a fish marker, fill a sock with a large handful of uncooked rice and tie the open end closed with a knot. Draw eyes and a mouth with permanent marker.) Enjoy the froggy version of a hopscotch game.froggy hopscotch