Celebrate National Frog Month!

Did you know April is National Frog Month? Frogs are amazing amphibians, and they should be celebrated! Need inspiration? Then check out these 10 frog-tastic activities you can enjoy all month long. Go ahead and hop to it!

1. Learn Six Fun Treefrog Facts.

Ranger Rick Treetop Hoppers March 2014 1


2. Turn an Avocado into Frog Guacamole. 


3. Make a Frog Mask.

Pretend to be a frog and catch tasty bugs with this frog mask!

frog mask


4. Make a Tasty Watermelon Frog Prince.

Your friends will JUMP for joy when they see this fruit-filled frog!


5. Create a Colorful Frog.


6. Play Froggy Hopscotch.


7. Listen to a Desert Rain Frog!


8. Watch a Frog’s Eyeballs Help It Swallow.

9. Play a Treefrog Maze.

Treefrog maze


10. Observe Frogs.