Go on a Leaf Hunt

oak leaves

When leaves start falling in your neighborhood, go on a leaf lookout and learn all about trees.

What You Need

  • Shopping bag
  • Black or brown crayon (optional)
  • Sheets of blank paper (optional)
  • Area with trees

What You Do

  1. Gather Leaves
    First, gather a leaf from several different types of trees in your neighborhood or park. Put the leaves in a bag and head out with your child.
  2. Match Leaves to Trees
    Pull a leaf out of the bag and see if your can match it to a tree.
  3. Make Bark Rubbings
    • If you take some paper and a crayon, your child can also make a bark rubbing of some of the trees. Just press the paper to the bark and rub the crayon lightly over it. A crayon stub rubbed on its side works great for this activity.
    • You can help your child compile his or her own tree book, complete with the leaves, the names of the trees the leaves come from, and their bark rubbings.oak leaves