Go on a Leaf Hunt

a large collection of autumn leaves on a table

Photo credit: Anna Pasichnyk/Shutterstock.com

When leaves start falling in your neighborhood, go on a leaf lookout and learn all about trees.


What You Need

  • Shopping bag
  • Black or brown crayon (optional)
  • Sheets of blank paper (optional)
  • Area with trees

children looking at leaves in a forest

Photo credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.com

What You Do

  1. Gather Leaves
    First, gather a leaf from several different types of trees in your neighborhood or park. Put the leaves in a bag and head out with your child.
  2. Match Leaves to Trees
    Pull a leaf out of the bag and see if your can match it to a tree.
  3. Make Bark Rubbings
    • If you take some paper and a crayon, your child can also make a bark rubbing of some of the trees. Just press the paper to the bark and rub the crayon lightly over it. A crayon stub rubbed on its side works great for this activity.
    • You can help your child compile his or her own tree book, complete with the leaves, the names of the trees the leaves come from, and their bark rubbings.

fall leaves in a children's notebook

Photo credit: Tatiana Gordievskaia/Shutterstock.com