Snowy Picnic

White and wintry outside? Good! It’s the perfect time for a picnic!

by Kate Hofmann

Summer and picnics go hand in hand. But here’s a new twist to try. At this picnic, you won’t be seeking shade under a leafy tree. You won’t be spitting watermelon seeds and fending off ants. Now’s your chance for a winter-wonderful picnic in the snow!

What You Need

  • art supplies
  • blanket (optional)
  • cold weather clothing
  • dishes and a basket or backpack
  • Thermos filled with soup or hot cocoa; sandwiches or other tasty treats

What You Do

  1. Gather your guests.
    Get out your art supplies and make invitations for friends and neighbors. To create a snowy scene on each invitation, try white paint on dark paper, torn white-paper shapes, or glued-on cotton balls.
  2. Dress for Success.
    Bundle up in plenty of layers, so the cold weather won’t bother you.
  3. Heat it up.
    Fill a Thermos with soup or hot cocoa to warm you up from the inside. Make your favorite snowy-day sandwiches or any other tasty treats you like. Grab some dishes, put it all in a basket or backpack, and you’re ready to go.
  4. Pick a pretty place.
    Set off for a nice spot to spread a blanket. Perhaps a picnic table in your backyard or a nearby park? A big rock in a meadow or a cozy clearing in the woods? If the snow is deep and packable, you could even use it to sculpt your own table and chairs wherever you like!
  5. Enjoy!
    Sit down, take a look around, and pass those plates. Or, if you still need to work up an appetite, warm up with some snow games. How about a round of freeze tag? Or “sardines”? (One person hides and everyone else seeks, crowding on top of each other in a growing pile as the hiding place is discovered.) Or you could get busy making some cheerful snow people to join your party!