JELL-O® Jellyfish

jello jellyfish

Turn your gelatin into a jiggly jellyfish snack!

What You Need

  • Small bowls with rounded bottoms or empty margarine tubs
  • Gummy worms
  • 1 package of JELL-O® (your favorite flavor)

What You Do

  1. Make JELL-O®
    Prepare the JELL-O® as directed. Pour the mix into small bowls and refrigerate until the JELL-O® is firmly set (at least 4-5 hours). These will be the jellyfishes’ bells.
  2. Add Gummy Worms for Tentacles
    When the JELL-O® is firm, prepare the jellyfishes’ tentacles. For each jellyfish, arrange gummy worms on a plate with the worms radiating outward.
  3. Remove JELL-O From Bowl
    Loosen the gelatin by dipping the bowl in warm water. You may also need to run a knife around the edges. Quickly flip the bowl over the plate of worms. Jiggle or tap the bowl until the gelatin falls out.jello jellyfish