Keep the bugs Away with a Simple Mosquito Net Tent

girl in mosquite net tent

Recycle sheer curtains for a mosquito-free outdoor hide-away.

What You Need

  • Binder clips, very large size, 10-12
  • Duct tape (if you need to make the hoop from a tent pole)
  • Hoop, such as a hula hoop or taped plastic tent pole
  • Rope
  • Rubber mallet or hammer for pounding in tent pegs
  • Sewing-Machine
  • Sheer curtains – the larger, the better
  • Tent pegs – 4-5

What You Do

  1. Create a hoop shape
    Either use a hula hoop, or take a flexible pole such as a tent pole and tape it into a circle with duct tape.

    taping tent poles

  2. Sew the curtains together so they are a large tube
    We found our curtains at a yard sale for $2. It is a common item at yard sales and secondhand stores.
    Leave 2-3 feet of one side seam open to act as a door.
    Take the hoop and put it inside the curtains.
    Use binder clips to hold the hoop in place.

    hoop structure net

  3. Weave the rope through the binder clips and bring them to a central point at the top
    It may take some experimentation to make the hooped tent to hang straight.

    binder clip on hula hoop

  4. Find a branch or overhang where you can hang your tent
    It could be under a tall deck for example.

    girl in mosquite net tent

  5. Put more binder clips on your tent pegs
    Pound the tent pegs into the ground around the base of your tent.

    binder clip on tent peg

  6. Put a chair inside your tent and enjoy an afternoon of breezy, insect-free reading
    For smaller children, you could put a towel, blanket or table cloth on the ground and they have a tent where they can play.

    girl in mosuito net tent