Leaf Critters

autumn leaf critter

Done raking? Start making pictures of animals out of leaves.


  • newly fallen leaves of different colors, shapes, and sizes
  • construction paper
  • newspapers
  • glue
  • heavy books


  1. Gather some leaves and put them between layers of newspapers. Pile heavy books on top.
  2. In a day or two, the leaves will be flat and dry. Arrange the leaves on construction paper. Think about different animals and try to create their shapes.
  3. Tear off leaf pieces to make eyes and other small features.
  4. When you are happy with a leafy creature, glue the leaves onto the paper. Use just a little glue on the back of each leaf.
  5. You can also fold a piece of paper in half to make a note card. Then glue a leaf critter to the card and send a message to a friend!Leaf Turkey