Egg-Carton Beach Memory Box

Going to the beach? Here’s a fun memory box you can make with your seashells and other beach-combing treasures.

What You Need

  • cardboard egg carton
  • sand
  • seashells and other beach treasures
  • acrylic paint

What You Do

  1. Paint the egg carton.
    With a brush and acrylic paint, paint an empty egg carton any color you like.
  2. Add some sand.
    When the egg carton is dry, add some sand to each egg cup.
  3. Arrange seashells and other treasures.
    Arrange seashells, dried seaweed, driftwood, boardwalk tokens or souvenirs, and any other beach treasures you like inside the container.

NOTE: Before you pick up any treasures from a beach, be sure it’s not against the law. Also make sure the shelled creatures you pick up are not living. To keep your beach treasures from getting too stinky, ask an adult to soak them in a mixture of half bleach and half water overnight. Then have an adult rinse them thoroughly before you work with them. You shouldn’t have to do this with beach treasures you buy at a store.
beach memory
Craft by Robin Walker; photos by Susan McElhinney