Make a Meerkat Finger Puppet

Meerkat glove

Got a glove?  Turn it into a family of meerkats!

What You Need

  • meerkat pattern (see below)
  • cotton glove (Try to find one that is a light color.)
  • sheet of tan felt
  • 5 tiny black pom-poms
  • 2 tan pipe cleaners, cut into five 3″-pieces
  • 2 tan “bumpy” pipe cleaners, cut into five 2″-pieces
  • thin-line black marker
  • scissors and craft glue

What You Do

  1. Use the pattern to cut five meerkat shapes out of felt.Meerkat pattern
  2. meerkat pattern
  3. Glue a pom-pom nose onto each meerkat.
  4. Draw faces on each meerkat with the marker. (See pattern.)
    Glue a 3″-piece of pipe cleaner across the back of each meerkat. Than glue a meerkat to each of the fingers on the palm side of the glove. Allow to dry.
  5. Bend the pipe cleaners forward to look like arms.
  6. Poke a piece of “bumpy” pipe cleaner into the base of each finger to make tails for the meerkats. Bend down the ends of the pipe cleaners inside the fingers.Meerkat glove
    Craft and photo by Laura Blankenbaker

    Meerkat Finger Play
    Five little meerkats sitting in the sun.
    First one likes to wrestle just for fun.
    Second one digs in the desert sand.
    Third one stands guard over all the land.
    Fourth one hunts for yummy bugs to eat.
    Fifth ones says, “Being a meerkat sure is sweet!”
    Then the little meerkats heard a bark and a whistle.
    So they all dove into a hole deep underground,
    Where the five little meerkats would be safe and sound.