Make a Monarch Handimal

Monarch hands

Grab some face paint and watch your hands flutter to life!

What You Need

  • orange, black, and white face paints
  • paintbrush
  • sponge (optional)

What You Do

  1. Paint your hands orange.
    Cover the backs of both your hands and wrists with orange paint. (You can sponge the paint on or use a paintbrush.)
  2. Cross your hands.
    Once the paint dries, cross your hands in front of you at the wrists with your palms facing you.
  3. Create wing and body details.
    Have a parent or friend create butterfly-wing shapes by outlining your hands and part of your wrists with black paint, as shown. Continue using the black paint to add a head, body, antennae, and wing markings.
  4. Add details with white paint.
    After the black paint dries, add two white eyes and white dots on the wing outlines, as shown.TIPS

    • Use only paints made for the face or body. Even “non-toxic” craft paints can cause a skin rash.
    • Some paints can rub off. You may want to wear old clothes and be careful about what you touch.

    Monarch hands
    Craft by Michele Reyzer; Photo by Susan McElhinney

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