Make a Wild Fan

Keeping cool is a breeze with one of these fans!

What You Need

  • paint
  • wooden stick
  • egg carton
  • paper plate
  • yarn
  • fake fur
  • glue
  • magazines

What You Do

  1. Paint
    Paint the wooden stick, egg-carton cups, and one side of the paper plate (Use any colors you like).
  2. Glue
    After the paint has dried, glue the egg-carton cups to the plate, as shown.
  3. Find magazine features
    Look through magazines and cut out features such as eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
  4. Arrange cut-outs
    Glue cut-out eyes to the tops of the egg-carton cups. Arrange the other cut-outs on the plate to create a face, then glue in place.
  5. Add fake hair
    If you want, add yarn, fake fur, or other decorative touches to the plate.Wild fan
  6. Attach stick
    Tape the wooden stick to the back of the plate.
    Craft by Michele Reyzer. Originally appeared in the June-July 2010 issue of Ranger Rick magazine.Boy with wild fan